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CDP18U42CD 18U42 RCA CMOS 256x8 EEPROM UVPROM PROM Eraseable 2K Historic IC

These rare, collectible, working, devices are genuine RCA made, static, CMOS, 256x8, 2048 Bit, UVPROM, ROM, CDP18U42 units in unused condition. They are real hard to find vintage collector's choice semiconductors. Not very many available. These ICs are encased in expensive, gold covered, side-brazed, ceramic, 24 pin DIP (Dual Inline Package) lead-frame packages. Units are untested, most likely good, but sold AS IS. These PROMs operate from single voltage, CD 4,000 series compatible, excellent for microprocessor based systems, experimentation, special circuit design or for factory new replacement parts for vintage equipment restoration or just as a technical showpiece.
CDP18U42CD 18U42 RCA CMOS 256x8 EEPROM UVPROM PROM Eraseable 2K Historic IC [11 KB]


MFG: RCA Semiconductor
Programmable, Eraseable, 2K UVPROM ROM IC
Single power supply: 4.5 - 6 Volts
Access Time: 1 uSecmax
Static Read Only Memory
24 DIP - Pin Dual-Inline package
Factory Fresh, - cc. 1975 vintage units


Untested, Most likely good - Sold AS IS
Price: $50 each Limited availability
S/H included anywhere
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