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This Circuits Technology Notes Collection by OddMix offers difficult to find, special and unique, rare assorted construction, and how-to-build and how it works electronics technology notes and articles. Audion and Crystal Detector Radio Sets, Antique Radio Reconditioning, Personal Computer PC related notes, Telephone, Power Supplies, Vacuum Tubes, technology, schematics, materials, how to build, descriptions and historical notes are also found in in this section.
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Audion Radio Receivers - Circuits Articles Schematics Materials
Automotive Electronics Classics Chrysler Ignition Module - Technical History
Crystal Detector Radio Sets - Circuits Articles Schematics Materials
Bias Circuit Similarities - Vacuum Tube and Transistor Amplifiers
Variable Frequency Crystal Controlled Adjustable Audio Oscillator Circuit
Blocking Oscillator Lantern Circuit - Recycle CFLs
Free-Running Astable Multivibrator Clock Oscillator - Time Base Generator Circuit
Neon Tube Relaxation Oscillator - Triangle Wave Timebase Circuit
Amplifier Relay - DC to Low Frequency High Gain Signal and Power
Personal Computer Circuits PC Articles - Schematics Technology
Power Supply Circuits Articles - Technology Battery Primary Rechargeable
Rebuilding Antique Radios - Collectible Vacuum Tube
Old Radio Receiver Schematics Pictures - Restoration Data Parts Information
Telephone Circuits Articles - Schematics Technology Materials
Transistor Circuits Semiconductor Articles - Schematics Technology Materials
Transistor Radios Vintage - OddMix Collection
Vacuum Cold-Cathode Tubes Circuits - Articles Schematics Technology
The Wireless Age 1921 January - Vintage Magazine Articles

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