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This OddMix Power Supply Technology Notes Collection offers difficult to find, special and unique, rare assorted power related construction and how-to-build technology articles. Many schematics and radio power supply descriptions are in this section.
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Surge Protected Power Distribution Strips Failure
Power Supply Technologies AC Input Circuits
Air Cell Primary Single Fluid Dry Voltaic
Bunsen Cell Primary Double Fluid Voltaic
Daniel Cell Primary Double Fluid Constant Voltage 1
Daniel Cell Primary Double Fluid Constant Voltage 2
Grove Cell Primary Double Fluid Voltaic
Leclanche Cell Primary Single Fluid Voltaic
Batteries Primary Secondary Chemical Cells Voltaic
DC Power Supply Basic Unregulated Circuits Information
Desulfator Accelerated Ballistic Ion Battery Charger Maintainer
Power Supply Circuit EICO AF-61 Audio Pre-Amplifier
Improperly Designed Battery Packages
Incandescent Electric Lamp Tungstein Filament
Cells Secondary Accumulators Lead Acid Info
Ni-MH Hybrid Rechargeable Cells
Recharge Disposable Primary Cells
Save Wireless Phone Batteries
Single Cell Powered Rechargeable Lithium Ion Tools
Cells Primary Voltaic Electrolytic Galvanic Chemical

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